• Welcome to Marari Villas - offering inspiring Boutique Serviced Villas and Retreats
  • Where you can experience the 'real India' with a touch of luxury
Located on beautiful, secluded Marari Beach, away from the tourist crowds
  • A perfect destination to wind down, chill out and totally relax
  • Each villa is fully serviced by a friendly team of villa host, chef and housekeepers
  • Offering greater privacy and better value than a hotel or resort
Enjoy an authentic experience of Kerala, tailored to your individual needs
  • or indulge in a wellness retreat with yoga classes and Ayurveda treatments in your villa
  • The perfect Kerala holiday; whether you are an individual, a romantic couple, a family or group of friends
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About Marari Beach

Marari Beach lies on a relatively undiscovered shore between the renowned backwaters of Alleppey and the cultural hub of Cochin in central Kerala. Marari is the ideal destination for the ultimate relaxing beach holiday – whether as an individual, couple, honeymooner, group of friends or a family. It is ideally located as a base for your holiday being just 1 ½ hours drive from Cochin Airport and within a few hours’ drive of all major tourist destinations in central Kerala.

The string of tranquil fishing villages dotted along the coast retain a unique spirit at Marari that has been lost elsewhere. The beach has not been marred by development, unlike other tourist destinations. Only the local fishermen, their traditional colourful wooden boats and the abundant wildlife share the beach, so you are virtually alone to enjoy the endless crisp white sand under your bare feet, the vibrant green coconut palms, the cool sea breeze and the azure ocean. The leisurely pace of life at Marari is infectious and will help you discover the essence of rest and relaxation that will rejuvenate the soul, so make sure you visit before it is "discovered" by the tourist crowd!


This is the “real India”, as yet unspoiled by full-on tourism, but this does mean that not every inch of the beach is raked clean every day. The older generation of local fishermen use some areas as they have done for generations, but we ensure that the area of beach in front of all our villas is kept clean so that our guests are not affected. Marari Beach is not suitable for those wanting to enjoy noisy watersports, buy ice creams on the beach, or haggle with touts…. and that’s exactly why we love it!

About Marari
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