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Elephant Ride

The elephant is a very important Hindu symbol in Kerala and is often present at temple festivals. We can arrange a more personal experience and a ride on an elephant on the beach if you notify us in advance.

We can arrange an elephant ride on the beach with time to feed and wash him at the rate from Rs.7,000 for 2-3 hours (the elephant comes a few km from the temple). Otherwise we can arrange to visit elephants and have a short ride at the nearby coral for approximately Rs.500 per person ( plus auto rickshaw charge about Rs. 300 and cost of bananas).

The elephant walks approximately 4-5km from the training centre to our beach area, which is a very manageable distance for elephants to walk.  You should be aware that these elephants are kept in captivity and are specifically trained for temple festivals. They usually have chains around their ankles as that is the only way that they can be kept safely. The mahouts (elephant keeper and driver) that we have worked with look after the elephants well. Elephants certainly enjoy the pampering of being fed bananas and jaggery (sugar balls) and being washed by the guests. We ensure they have lots to eat and drink and rest in the shade when they are on our beach. We do not use a ‘saddle’ and guests sit on blankets and hold a rope, so there is limited weight on their backs. 

We can arrange an elephant ride (on the beach or at the temple) closer to the time as we cannot confirm availability far in advance (exact temple festival dates depend on the moon and Malayalam calendar). Please contact us 1 week before your stay for this particular arrangement.

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