• Welcome to Marari Villas - offering inspiring Boutique Serviced Villas and Retreats
  • Where you can experience the 'real India' with a touch of luxury
Located on beautiful, secluded Marari Beach, away from the tourist crowds
  • A perfect destination to wind down, chill out and totally relax
  • Each villa is fully serviced by a friendly team of villa host, chef and housekeepers
  • Offering greater privacy and better value than a hotel or resort
Enjoy an authentic experience of Kerala, tailored to your individual needs
  • or indulge in a wellness retreat with yoga classes and Ayurveda treatments in your villa
  • The perfect Kerala holiday; whether you are an individual, a romantic couple, a family or group of friends
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We are aware that trans-continental travel has a greater environmental impact than other alternative forms of tourism, so we do all we can to reduce the CO2 emissions of our business. We are not just passionate about reducing our environmental impact, but also our social impact, as we understand that tourism can have a detrimental effect on the local environment and community. However, it can also bring great benefits if it is managed carefully and tourists are educated about how to engage with the local culture with sensitivity. Marari is a rare tourist location where the local fishing community and visitors co-exist in harmony and we intend to nurture and reinforce this unique characteristic.

We invested in lower cost 'eco' options in the past and are increasing our investments in environmental and social projects as our business grows.

Our properties use traditional and modern practices to reduce our environmental impact through a policy of ‘Reduce, Re-use and Recycle’ using a combination of traditional and modern techniques. We have also invested in various local charitable causes, including new clasrooms and toilets for the local Children's Tuition Centre.

Eco Friendly
Energy, Water & Waste
Re-Use & Recycling
Natural Materials & Organic Products
Social Responsibility
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