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  • Where you can experience the 'real India' with a touch of luxury
Located on beautiful, secluded Marari Beach, away from the tourist crowds
  • A perfect destination to wind down, chill out and totally relax
  • Each villa is fully serviced by a friendly team of villa host, chef and housekeepers
  • Offering greater privacy and better value than a hotel or resort
Enjoy an authentic experience of Kerala, tailored to your individual needs
  • or indulge in a wellness retreat with yoga classes and Ayurveda treatments in your villa
  • The perfect Kerala holiday; whether you are an individual, a romantic couple, a family or group of friends
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Ayurveda & Yoga Wellness Retreats
Marari Villas invites you to enjoy a holistic experience, a combination between wellness and Ayurveda practice in beautiful Kerala, India. Restore your health and well-being according to the state of your mind and body elements through this yoga retreat. This is a unique package suitable for everyone, from the novice who wishes to start a journey of self-discovery, to experienced wellness enthusiasts. Ayurveda program can be tailored according to your requirements and after a consultation with an Ayurveda physician to understand more about your ‘dosa’ constitution and how to balance your body and mind. Choose from our Rejuvenation packages for a taster of Ayurveda lifestyle or take Ayurveda Doctors consultation for a more serious treatments. 
The Retreat can be tailored for individuals or groups and includes full-board accommodation at our private ‘serviced villas’. An initial consultation, with pulse diagnosis, is provided by Ayurveda Doctor to establish the individual mind-body constitution and the nature of any imbalance. Doctor will then prescribe daily authentic Ayurveda remedies, medicinal diet and a personal yoga/meditation therapy program to restore health and wellbeing, according to the state of your mind and body elements. 
The retreats are unique in their offering of personalised Ayurvedic treatments and yoga classes combined with award-winning boutique properties that offer relaxation, personalised service, delicious food and inspiring local activities:  
  •  A program tailored to your requirements, without strict group schedules and times
  •  Boutique accommodation that is fully serviced with caring staff (no ashram or hospital environment!)
  •  A holistic Kerala cultural experience (cuisine, arts, crafts, landscape, wildlife, architecture)
  •  No fixed dates or duration of stay – you decide when and for how long (minimum 6 nights) 

What’s Included?

The package is for a minimum of 6 nights/7 days and includes the following:
  •  Luxury accommodation in a twin/double room (shared) in one of our ‘serviced villas’
  •  Full board vegetarian meals according to your dominant element/imbalance
  •  2 private Ayurveda consultations with Janesh Vaidya
  •  1 private yoga consultation with yoga therapist
  •  4 days cleansing Ayurveda treatments
  •  2 days rejuvenating Ayurveda treatments
  •  Daily Yoga classes
  •  Ayurveda diet cooking class
  •  Complimentary use of bicycles
  •  An inspirational talk by Janesh Vaidya
  •  Airport (Kochi) pick-up and drop-off
  •  Taxes included


Please see our website for information about additional local Activities


Typical 1 Week Schedule

The treatments are tailored for each individual, according to their body type and health issues. A typical 1 week schedule is as follows: 

Day 1 Physician Consultation + Sirodhara (oil on forehead)
Day 2 Udvarthana (powder massage) + Abhyanga (body massage)
Day 3 Abhyanga + Swedena (medicinal steam box)
Day 4 Abhyanga + Swedena (medicinal steam box)
Day 5 Abhyanga + Kizhi (herbal pouch massage)
Day 6 Abhyanga + Kizhi (herbal pouch massage)
Day 7 Physician Consultation and check out


Accommodation is provided in our ‘serviced villas’ on a shared room basis (2 persons per room). You will be allocated a villa depending on the number of guests in your group and availability at the time of booking.
  •  Orchid & Hibiscus are adjacent to each other, have private pools and are 300m from the beach. 
  •  Palm & Bougainvillea do not have pools, but they are on the beach and are 2km south of Orchid & Hibiscus.


Each of our villas is serviced by a team of villa host, chef, housekeeper and caretaker/security. Our staff are renowned for being professional, unobtrusive, very caring and willing to go out of their way to assist our guests.



Each of our villas has a chef who will provide vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner, according to the recommendations of the Ayurveda physician and any personal dietary requirements. Kerala has a great variety of delicious vegetarian dishes, so you can eat something different at every meal during your stay!





Single Occupancy (per person)

Double Occupancy (per person)



6 Nt Package

Extra Night

6 Nt Package

Extra Night

Deluxe Room

Low Season





High Season





Peak Season






  •  Rates are ‘per person’ and all taxes are included (see our Tariff page for season dates)
  •  You can use the currency converter on our tariff page here
  •  'Standard' rooms (Rooms 1&2 in Palm Villa) are available at a 10% discount



Ayurveda & Yoga Wellness Retreats
Laurent Roure Mindful Yoga Retreat October 2017
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